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"The second eight has the jump on the first eight. Are you f*****g serious!"

By Adam Wise (Wisey)

BUBC Oarsmen 2003 – 2007

Coach 2010 - 2012


It was in 2003 that Bournemouth University Boat Club (BUBC) came to my attention and was the start of my love for rowing. I can only say that rowing is a bug and one that I have not been able to get away from some ten years on.

I had never rowed before coming to Uni and embraced the tough and challenging sport that it is. The early starts and commitment that is needed are only small sacrifices when the returns are so rewarding. You will most certainly meet your best friends through BUBC and will find out more about you as a person than you will realise.

I spent four amazing years rowing for the club and loved every single land and water session amongst the amazing socials that go hand in hand. I was fortunate enough to have had two great coaches and good athletes around me to help achieve BUBC history and make my time there one never to forget. In 2005 I was part of the first crew to have qualified for Henley Royal Regatta. Having done well in this event, our crew also went to the European University Championships which finished the year off on a massive high. These were two unbelievable achievements and inspired me to want to continue to push harder and achieve even more.
In 2007, more history was made as my crew competed at Henley again.

We made it into the draw after another successful qualifying race and then

managed to reach the last 16 of the Temple Challenge Cup, a feat that is still

trying to be matched to this date and memories that will be hard to beat.
Training, rowing and even coaching on the small windy stretch of Canford

Magna is far from ideal compared to the facilities and water that other

universities and clubs have to offer. This sport and being part of BUBC

is all about ‘what you put into it, is what you will get out of it’.

Fun regattas, bbqs, boat maintenance, trailer loading etc are all part of

the aspects that complete the training and racing of rowing.

After having spent four great years of rowing, I was keen to give back to the

club all that I could offer in a voluntary coaching role. I was fortunate

enough to have coached some great people and friends for two years

in the Men’s Senior Squad. Whether this was on the bank or putting

them through their paces in circuits and beach runs, it was all worth it

and very rewarding. Getting the guys and three great coxes to peak for the head and regatta races was so much fun throughout the whole year. I loved every minute and owe it to those guys who pointed me in my new career direction as a Personal Trainer.

BUBC is not necessarily the biggest or the best University for rowing against other unis, however for the time you are at Bournemouth, I would seriously suggest that you embrace and commit as much as you can to the club. It is about giving it a go and carrying on from there should you still wish to, whilst having memories that you can continue to share with your mates forever.

London offers unbelievable opportunities to row, which is where I am now located. Even ten years on I am still in love with the sport and with everything that goes with it, yet it is still BUBC that I look back to and remember how it all started.

If you are looking to row in your placement year or after you graduate, then why not go to Thames Rowing Club, which is one of the biggest clubs in the country. This year (2013) at Henley Royal Regatta, you had three ex BUBC members competing for different clubs all back at Henley Royal Regatta. Will you carry on?


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