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Why taking up rowing was my best descision 

By Lee Knapp,

Men's Captain 2014 - 2105


Shortly after the start of term, it was the seniors' job to recruit as many new BUBC members as possible. An outstanding fresher’s fair gained a huge amount of interest from various freshers last year (including myself), full of competition, the opportunity to meet new people and the interests of a new sport. I had never tried rowing before starting university but turned up to one of the taster sessions with a couple of friends and found myself intrigued and raring to break the still waters of the river Stour. Not long after i was completely hooked. On the back of some fantastic coaching, patience and commitment form Jonathon Carr-Brown (JCB) we were looking strong as fresher crews and began to show some formidable potential. With all of the help, support and fantastic enthusiasm the fresher’s received from JCB and all senior crews in the first term our crews certainly began to gel.  

Shortly after our first few weeks of rowing and towards the end of term UBBC (University of Bristol Boat Club) head race was soon upon us. All of the senior and fresher crews were raring to put their last 2 months of training to the test. However, the day before we left for the race, I was honoured with the nomination of fresher’s captain. This gave me the brilliant opportunity to follow our current squad captain (Joe Watson) and have the responsibility of controlling my fresher crew.  

The brilliant thing about BUBC is that although we train really hard and put our all into every race, we definitely know how to have a good night with so many planned and also unplanned socials. One thing that we have that many other universities do not. 


I have had a fantastic time with BUBC this year and left my first year of university with so many brilliant memories. After seeing all of the amazing things that Joe Watson has done with the club this year I cannot wait to carry on the responsibility for 2014/2015. Anyone coming to study at Bournemouth University this year i highly recommend rowing as it is one of the best decisions I've made.



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