Squad System

BUBC has an emerging squad system. At the start of every year, all senior rowers undergo fitness and rowing assessments. They are then placed in boats that train together up to the next assessment mid-term. Then there is a final assessment at the end of the term. This allows people to move into faster boats. All assessments are open and transparent and based on flexibility, power and strength, rowing machine scores, attendance and the coach's assessment of your technical ability. At certain times of the season, seat racing will also be carried out. The head coach and fresher development coach is Jonathon Carr-Brown. Both the men's and women's squads follow the same land and water training programme.

Fresher's Squad

BUBC welcomes anyone who wants to try and learn how to row. Every year we run a taster session for freshers where they can see if the sport and the club is for them. First, second, third or fourth years who have never rowed before can sign up at Freshers fair on 25 September 2021 and then we will be running rowing machine training courses on Monday 30 September and Wednesday 2 October followed by two weekend taster sessions at BUBC boathouse on October 2/3 and October 9/10. Freshers are taught to row by members of the senior squad supervised by the coaching team. We have a good track record of training novice rowers and many will be good enough by the end of the year to row in the Henley Royal Regatta qualifying races. 

Men's Squad

The senior men's squad is typically made up of 24 to 26 athletes who have all chosen to train for specific goals. For the 2020-21 season they are aiming for a top 100 place at Tideway Head of the River, an A/B-Final at BUCs regatta, and qualification for the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta. A high level of commitment is required and members of the squad will do between six to eight training sessions a week ranging from pilates, weights, rowing machine training, and water work at weekends. Any experienced rowers are invited to join the squad and training begins Saturday 25 September 2021. 

Accelerator Squad

BUBC selects between four and six first-year men and women to take part in an accelerator scheme. Trials will be run between September 29 and October 10, 2021, to find a group of men and women who have never rowed before but have the potential to become excellent athletes. Once selected the fast track squad will be invited to train and row with the senior squads. They will also be asked to sign a pledge to complete at least 80% of the senior squad training programme. DETAILS OF THE SCHEME WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE FRESHERS' FAIR ON SATURDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2021, AT THE BUBC STAND.

Cox's Squad

By far the most important person in any boat is the person keeping it on course. In rowing the people who steer boats are called coxes and they are literally worth their weight in gold. You can be a man or a woman and we need coxes more than we need rowers. We run a cox's squad and offer training, reduced fees and membership for anyone will to take on management responsibility for our crews. We are looking for small, light people (mimimum weight 55kilos) who know how to get people organised and motivated. The steering is perhaps the simplest thing we will teach you. Cox's are squaded and assessed like rowers and you will have to fight for your place in the best boats.

Women's Squad

Our women's squad is highly competitive and competing at an extremely high level for a small university club. We intend to raise this standard further this year and like the men's squad anyone joining will need to commit to six to eight training sessions a week. Objectives for the year are a top 100 place at Women's Head of the River, an A/B Final at BUCs regatta and at least two race wins at Women's Henley either in fours or eights. The women follow the same training session as the men and compete in the same events.Any experienced rowers are invited to join the squad and training begins Saturday 22 September 2021. 



Lightweights Squad

If you are a man and weigh 72kg or 58kg if you are a woman why not consider joining our new lightweight rowing squads. This new squad was started in the 2018-19 season and led to the men's lightweight's achieving a B-Final place in the Championship Lightweight eights place at the British University Championships. This year we intend to create a women's lightweight squad.  Potential lightweights will be selected at the start of the year.