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  "If not now, when?


Since 2012 BUBC has been slowly building up the intensity of its training programme to GB U23 levels. We are still a way off but below is a sample of one of the hardest weeks. All our training programmes are based on intervals and athletes will typically do a light, medium and hard week in rotation. Though socials and races are a massive part of BUBC, training is what makes all of our achievements possible. We train together and win together. Training programmes are created by coaches, with specific goals for each member. Every rower has a talent and the training merges everyone's talents to create the fastest boat possible.



Training to Compete

Dedication: Training can be cold, long, arduous and lonely but the rewards are sensational.

Week 3: Autumn Term Hard


AM: Erg + Conditioning






PM: Off





AM: Ergs + Conditioning




AM: Off


PM: Off



AM: Ergs + Conditioning


PM: Run 5k 



AM: Water Session - 24k sculls


PM: Personal Stretching








AM: Water Session

-24k fours

PM: Personal Stretching






Miles Make Champions

To cover a 2000 metre Olympic course a crew on average has to repeat the same cyclical action near perfectly 236 times. But each time the oar enters the water the athlete is effectively lifting between 40kg to 60kg from his toes to his chest. The only way to ensure your body will not wilt, and your mind will not quit is to practice that motion thousands and thousands of times in the water and in the gym. As Jacob Lee, number seven in the 2015 men's 1st eight explained to a fresher:  "We train to win but most of all we train for pain."

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